Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cow vs... Tree?

'Cow-eating' trees of Padrame

Residents of Padrame near Kokkoda in Uppinangady forest range sighted one such carnivorous tree trying to dine on a cow last Thursday. According to reports, the cow owned by Anand Gowda had been left to graze in the forests.

The cow was suddenly grabbed by the branches and pulled from the ground. The terrified cowherd ran to the village, and got Gowda and a band of villagers to the carnivorous tree.
I once read about the man-eating trees of Madagascar in a big, fantastic book called The Unexplained (which, incidentally, introduced me to the concept of the chupacabras), but I suppose it makes just as must sense for there to be one in India. According to the Wikipedia entry on carnivorous trees (you know there's gotta be one), they've been spotted in Central and South America too. The article also includes what appears to be the only legitimate picture of one on the internet.

As is standard with these sorts of things, there are no photos, official investigations or anyone expressing any interesting in figuring out what the fuck happened.
However no detailed inquiry was made as the authorities were not asked for any report, Rao said.


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