Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheetah Poops in Some Guy's Jeep

Man, I don't know if I even need to say anything beyond the YouTube description: "a cheetah climbs on a car and takes a dump through the roof"

How majestic of it.

As an interesting aside, that poop probably contained secretions from the cheetah's anal glands, so technically that man and his fancy Jeep now belong to the cheetah. Did you know your cat has anal glands? That's right! On top of that, the cat food you feed him makes his poop too soft to properly drain them. Remember cat owners, it's a good idea to express your cat's anal sacs regularly!

i've been waiting to use anal sacs in a post for a week now

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Jhscottio said...

Congratulations on gaining a reader. I will never leave you.