Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Awesome Trading Cards: Dinosaurs Attack!

Bob's Dinosaurs Attack! Homepage

Have you ever seen something so completely awesome that you lost touch with reality for a minute? You're frickin' about to.

Topps tried once more with the DINOSAURS ATTACK! cards that came out in 1988. At that time there was a lot of interest in Dinosaurs and Brown and Gelman thought a blood and guts series like the old ones would be unusual enough to be sucessful again. But it never broke through as a card series in a big way. Just hard core collectors seemed to love them. The series was certainly inspired by Mars Attacks.

This is an incredibly gory, fifty-five piece trading card series about dinosaurs running loose in the modern day, disrupting all sorts of events and violently eviscerating all in their path. This guy Bob Heffner has graciously decided to scan and upload the front and back of each card, so now everybody can revel in the majesty of this ridiculous piece of history.

Wait, what does that say?
When Tim Burton had Warner Bros. acquire the rights for the Mars Attacks film, they also bought the rights to Dinosaurs Attack.

Oh my god, yes. Does anyone out there have enough pull in Hollywood to make that happen? I appreciate the effort with Jurassic Park II, but frankly it just wasn't enough.

Here are two more of my favorites:

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