Thursday, October 25, 2007

Asiatic Lions vs. Electric Fence

5 rare Asiatic lions electrocuted

AHMADABAD, India - Five rare Asiatic lions were found electrocuted Friday on the edge of western India's Gir National Park, a wildlife warden said.

They were killed by an electrified fence, allegedly put up illegally by a farmer to protect crops near the sanctuary, said Gujarat state's chief wildlife warden, Pradeep Khanna.

Here's an unwieldy video that's too ugly to embed.

I suppose numbers two through five didn't get the hint. Most interesting thing? There are only about 350 asiatic lions left in the wild. Yes, yes - 1.4% of all the asiatic lions were killed by the same electric fence. It seems like you wouldn't need a fence powerful enough to reliably kill full grown lions just to keep them out.

The Wildlife Protection Society of India says their bones are all highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine, as are their claws

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