Monday, November 19, 2007

How to Sex Day Old Chickens

Did you know there is only one way to tell the sex of a day old chicken? You have to examine its cloaca for a degenerate penis.

Over and over he scoops up a chick with his left hand, expels its droppings with a squeeze of his thumb, opens its vent with his fingers, peers through the magnifying lenses attached to his spectacles and determines its sex. Then he deposits the tiny bird in one of two bins. Two thousand vent sexes and a good day's work later, his hands and his shirt front are still immaculate. And if you buy sexed chicks from Lyle's employer, the sort is guaranteed 95% accurate.

Of course, it makes perfect sense that the Japanese came up with it.

Oh look! It's everyone's second favorite Discovery Channel host, Mike Rowe!

I don't know which I find more unsettling - that he calls a chicken vagina a "hidey-hole" or that he squeezes meconium onto the camera.

Want something more scholarly? You're in luck!

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