Friday, November 23, 2007

Billions (with a b) of Jellyfish Destroy Irish Salmon Farm

Jellyfish attack destroys salmon

A jellyfish invasion has wiped out Northern Ireland's only salmon farm, killing more than 100,000 fish.

A Northern Salmon spokesman said last week's attack could cost more than £1m.

Billions of small jellyfish, known as Mauve Stingers, flooded into the cages about a mile into the Irish Sea, off Glenarm Bay and Cushendun.

Like all things British, Pelagia Noctiluca are usually kind of boring. But damn, "the jellyfish covered an area of up to 10 square miles and a depth of 35 feet." Did they see it coming? Were there crowds of Irish people standing on the dock, horrified at the swarm of mauve stingers bearing down on them?

This is actually becoming a very large problem all over the world, likely spurred by a warming of the oceans and overfishing. We've eaten most of the fish, and since nature abhors a vacuum the jellies are quickly becoming our new oceanic overlords. Sea (lol) also:
Jellyfish Bloom on African Coast
Jellyfish Bloom Swamps British Coastline
Jellyfish Bloom in Japan

And yes, there's even an international symposium on jellyfish blooms.

Regardless of whether or not this will eventually doom us all (if rising sea levels don't first), jellyfish are amazing to look at. If you haven't seen this video of the lake full of jellyfish in Palau, it's worth checking out.

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