Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scientists Discover Oldest Living Thing in the World Ever, Immediately Kill It

Whoa! I've been busy as hell lately! I know you haven't gotten quite as much ridiculous animal nonsense lately, and I apologize. Moving on, let's take a look at the oldest clam in the universe.

Ming the clam is 'oldest animal'

A clam dredged up off the coast of Iceland is thought to have been the longest-lived animal discovered.

Scientists said the mollusc, an ocean quahog clam, was aged between 405 and 410 years and could offer insights into the secrets of longevity.

The scientists, being soulless murderers, promptly killed the clam. Seriously.

Did you know the largest species of clam is Tridacna gigas? They can grow up to five hundred pounds! I bet they're delicious, too. Look at how big this clam is!

Incidentally, the clam in that picture is actually giving birth. To thousands upon thousands of other monstrous clams. Watch your back, people.

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