Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monkeys in film

List of films with monkeys in them is a deleted Wikipedia page. The list, in its entirety, reads

King Kong- was a gorilla but monkey family
Dunsten checks in- Orangatan part of monkey family
King Kong vs Godzilla- fictional mechanical gorilla
Incomplete and clearly written by someone with a poor understanding of simian taxonomy (orangutans are great apes, you imbecile!), but a valuable resource nonetheless. Jimmy Wales, I suggest you re-evaluate your criteria for "unmanageable listcruft" - you're letting hundreds of gems slip through your fingers!

From Deletionpedia, which is full of this kind of hilarity.


peter said...
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peter said...

It really drives me mad when people don't obey the regulations of not having wild animals at home like pets. How many times should that be said so people understand. I forgot to mention how talented chimps are for acting. I like that picture. I saw a similar one in which chimp gets into a pharmacy and buys Viagra Online.