Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inhumane animal traps

Animal Trap Quiz Answers

This is probably the most interesting piece of internet I've seen since that list of goofy mugshots. A database of diabolical animal traps with detailed pictures? Actual photos, not just patent diagrams. It's like a birthday present from your aunt you haven't seen since you were six!

I could never pick a favorite (it'd be kind of like when someone asks you what your favorite band is, and you can't pick so you say something stupid like "Jamiroquai" even though you only know like eight of their songs), but I thought this "man trap" was particularly interesting:

"This invention relates to jaw traps and, among other objects, aims to provide a jaw trap which may be used to capture chicken thieves, being so constructed that the more the victim struggles the closer together the jaws move. A further object is to provide a jaw trap having a jaw locking mechanism which prevents the jaws from being pried apart by the victim, the mechanism itself being so guarded that the victim cannot release himself. A further object is to provide a jaw trap for the purpose stated which is so constructed that the victim is not injured in any way."

But the best thing on the page is this piece of insane ephemera:

Do you remember a time when people used to go out and shoot gophers? I sure goddamned don't. I don't even know anyone who would shoot a gopher. It's fun to laugh at the past.

What is it? is the main blog, and while I'm not sure why he makes a new blogspot account every time he posts answers, it's still pretty cool.

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CaptainAmer1ca said...

From the way you sound you must be a huge liberal tree hugger. I am the opposite. I kill tiny critters all the time gophers included. Google varmint hunting to see. I made this post hoping you would cry after reading it.