Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chase, the cat with no face

"My name is Chase. I am 2 years and 3 months old. When I was 3-6 weeks old, in June 2005, I was hit by a car and left in the road."

Daily Tails [sic] of Chase

"I am NOT IN ANY PAIN! I am a very loving and friendly cat. I love to meet new dogs and cats and really like to lick them." Chase and I have something in common! I guess, way to go cat? Not only does he somehow manage to sleep with no eyelids, he's mastered the English language, learned how to type and figured out blogging software.

Alright, it's kind of hard to be cynical about a cat with no face. However, I am surprised to discover that there are actually a whole lot of blogs about cats with faces written in the first person.

I'm probably not qualified to call out stupid blog ideas, though.


Annie said...

Well I for one think Chase is a very brave cat as well as its' owner. Not many would be willing to take on a deformed kitten..most would just out it down but I am glad someone in the world had the heart to let it live and hav a chance at life.

I hope that git that ran him over in the first place gets what he deserves (and it;s bad, believe me) as my kitty got run over by a careless driver ¬_¬
Glad Chase lived..and may he/she live many more years!

Bryan said...

maybe you shouldn't let your damn cat out in the road

annie said...

and maybe you should grow a damn heart and show some resplect.

Kayt said...

I don't think you have to be a "careless git" and deserver of 'something' for hitting a cat.

Do you drive a car? Ever? Then I think you can be filed in the category of "potential cat killers."
Roads were kinda, sorta built for people to drive on, so I think it's pretty safe to assume that there will be cars passing by on top of them. If you want to let your cat run around and cross roads, you do so understanding the inherent risk.
I've nearly hit cats on 3 separate occasions. Twice i was driving at the speed limit and once I was turning and thus going under the speed limit.

I agree with Bryan. If you're going to complain about people being careless, maybe you should consider your lack of care when you let your cat run around on the roads (not to mention poop in my garden and/or yard for my dog to eat and get your cat's worms and parasites.)

Not that many people WANT to run over your cat and they probably feel like shit after they do. They don't deserve anything besides maybe an apology for the trauma the accident may have caused them.

Paramedic Ally said...

I would take that kitty in a heart beat no doubt.

Mika said...

It could happen to every owner who cares as much as others.
I also had a cat once and I had to learn that I rather keep it indoors. It got run over by a car and when I came home from work I saw my buddy laying on the middle of the road. Now we have 2 cats. They never get to climb on real trees.
It's not the owner's fault!!
Most people are bad drivers!
Good thing kitty has a home to stay. The cool thing is that Chase is not aware of the way he looks. So he can enjoy live if a smart human treats him like any other cat.
Hope that Chase lives a long and happy live!!!!
- Greetings from Germany -